Sometimes you feel like your career has gotten in a knot; you are unsure of what you want to achieve, what unique skills and insights you offer, or how high you can realistically aim with your skillset and history.

I offer to untie the knots and straighten out your life story, connecting the dots leading to a fulfilling career and new options. In personal conversation, we’ll work out what has been most important for you so far, what you want to achieve, and set internal and external milestones for going about that.

Are you ready to step from a job to a career? Then contact me and I will make you an offer, paid by the hour.

Your online presence is the first thing people see this day. But does it reflect accurately who you are and what you’ve achieved? Does it represent what you are currently doing, while it should indicate what you should be doing in the future?

I offer an analysis on your online profile on Linkedin, compare it with its peers and hold it up the light of the career you want. Does it reflect the most of what you are, or merely what you have been? Does it show people promise of what you can offer a new employer? How can you achieve a greater, better network? What content could you add to create a meaningful impression on your network and showcase your skill and professionalism?

Is it time to stop working on your resume, and have it work for you? Contact me to receive an offer on a project basis.

You have a blog, magazine or other publication and you’re interested in having a piece written on career development, professional growth or how companies deal with talent. There’s no shortage on people with skill who can write, but you need a piece with some humor, that holds your audience’s attention and connects their personal experiences with the topic.

I’ve had previous experience blogging and writing, including for a published magazine and working with an editor and under a time limit, under pseudonym.

You are looking for my writing, and I am but a contact form away. I live by the pen, I charge by the word.

You’re hosting an event, maybe a conference or symposium, and need someone to hold a riveting speech and bring home a message. Is it to entertain, inform or motivate? What is it that your audience must take away from this session?

I can also hold a workshop on soft skills, such as negotiation and empathy, or help people build entrepreneurial spirit. I am especially proud of my motivational skill, and I can inspire people to get working on their careers, their networks, their skills right now.

Want to see people run out the door to practice what is preached? Simply drop me a line and I will make you an offer. I charge a flat fee for speaking, plus travel and stay expenses.