About You

If you think that the title of this page was designed to make you curious – it is.

They say the first rule of being a writer is to consider your audience, and I plan to follow that rule. You could be a member of HR, a CEO, a team lead or someone looking for a job – my audience is not limited by jobs or seniority. The red line that connects all my post topics is change. A change in career, in attitude, in knowledge and experience. It does not matter who you are or what state your professional life is in – but you have to be interested in changing things, adapting to our new digital world, and pushing the edges of your comfort zone.

I expect that the comments below may be applicable to you as a reader – if so, they will give you quick access to those posts most interesting to you.


I find it hard to be excited about career- or social media projects. They may seem appealing, but they are presented while they work perfectly – I am worried at the work required to get there.

Human Resources

I work at Human Resources, and I am looking for insights or tools that can help me do my job – I am not really looking for career or team management advice…


I would like to see some planning. I am not looking to discuss philosophy or get confronted with a sales pitch – I simply want to have a structured overview before I jump into things.

Managing Teams

I am a manager or team leader; my challenges involve handling flexible roles and teams, including deadlines and performance management.