Our professional lives are changing. Gone are the old days where a job consisted of a specific set of tasks, completed by date and day. Changes in economy and technology demand that we think faster, work smarter but above all that we look at the roles we play at work and look beyond the small part we play. We are asked to see the big picture, think meta.

After all – our environments are smarter now, and everything we do is tracked and analyzed for performance. Simple and repetitive tasks certainly still exist, but are quickly becoming the province of robots, scripts and AI. Increasingly our value lies in what we bring into our professional lives beyond the tasks we do.

That’s what Smörgåsjobb is about. The changes required from people, tooling and organizations to adapt to a digitally enhanced work environment. Becoming excellent professionals, where we are part of (or leading) a team where roles, work hours and location are all flexibly adapted to the needs as they arise.

Like at a smörgåsbord, we have a lot of options open to us and the true challenge is to combine the opportunities we have with the challenges we face to best effect.

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The content on this website will be divided in a number of “pillars”, which are categories of related posts. Below you will find a representation of these categories, and some samples of the content you can expect to find under each.

  • Career Development: Where you work, what you do, and how to get from A to B in an ever upward line.
  • Professional Development: Psychology, social media, branding and behavioral science make a love child; how to become a more credible professional.
  • Human Resources Development: The business side of things focuses on how the tooling, processes and actions of HR affect the business, and how we can get better results using scientific theory, analysis and that rarest of things, common sense.

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