About You

If you think that the title of this page was designed to make you curious – it is.

They say the first rule of being a writer is to consider your audience, and I plan to follow that rule. You could be a member of HR, a CEO, a team lead or someone looking for a job – my audience is not limited by jobs or seniority. The red line that connects all my post topics is change. A change in career, in attitude, in knowledge and experience. It does not matter who you are or what state your professional life is in – but you have to be interested in changing things, adapting to our new digital world, and pushing the edges of your comfort zone.

I want to improve my career: Improving your career is something you can do at any time. Become more knowledgeable, get involved in projects, sideline in your field or network with industry leaders, write articles or books. Every single action adds on to your merit badges, and makes you the more interesting choice. But this blog also offers some concrete steps. How do I know where I am in my career? Which step is most cost-effective to make? Am I in the right place with this job?

I want to become more professional: Sometimes the changes go further than skin-deep. What is your attitude towards your profession, the industry, your employer, your customers? How do you respond to people who ask your time and expertise? How do you deal with different cultures? How do you express yourself in social media without embarrassing your employer? How do I recognize and avoid situations of bribe, blackmail and corruption?

I want to improve my HR Organization: HR Development is the meta-science of improving how HR provides its services to the employees of the company. Why do we need X, and how do we implement it? How do we get people to approve it, test it, support it? How do we analyze what our company looks like, and how do we interpret the data? Can we make assumptions or predictions? And how do we present these, in our position as a strategic asset, to the C-level management?