Linkedin Tutorials for Beginners

A roundup up tutorials on various Linkedin actions that are absolutely required to get your profile up and running.

In my previous post I gave a basic explanation on how Linkedin is set up, its core and added features, and how to navigate through its main screen. Actually setting up your profile and sending invites are all basic things to know, and many people wrote much better tutorials on that than I ever could. So here they are, arranged by topic!

Setting up your profile

How to add things to your profile

Improving your profile

Adding your Linkedin Learning achievements to your profile

Tweaking your profile for visibility (and privacy!)


Growing your network

How to decide who to accept an invite from (from a coldly rational point of view)

Helpful templates for writing Linkedin invites

Writing perfect invites (freehand, not using templates)

Linkedin invites in Infographic form

Strategies for growing your network by experts


Contributing content to your network

How to post an update (disguised as a post versus update debate)

Writing a basic Linkedin article


Creating meaningful relationships

Engaging with your network

Why people won’t connect with you (and how to fix it!)

Important default settings to check or change


I hope you will be able to put these tutorials to good use and maximize the effectiveness of your profile and network! If you’ve found any other excellent tutorials and guides, feel free to share in the comments below.

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